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With the Contrition's Figure rehabilitation facility safe and secured, the Beloved Dust are left to attend to matters personal*, professional, and spiritual. After slipping through the data stream, Fourteen Fifteen makes a brand new debut. Elsewhere, Tender Sky takes the first step in a long project of self-fulfillment, while ⸢Signet⸣ fulfills something else: a promise.

We got so familiar...

This week on Twilight Mirage: What We're Capable Of

The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 001:A
Concepts: Core: Relational: Personal
While the ships and cultures of the Divine Fleet differ in key ways, one substantial overlap is their fundamental understanding of personhood, informed by the core belief of the Resonant Orbit: Any living being (see: categories of being), regardless of status on organic-synthetic, individual-collective, or born-made spectrums, is understood to be a “person,” equal in protection and privilege throughout the fleet—with self-determination as a central tenet and source of all additional rights. Despite this shared principle of personhood, the notion of the “personal” remains hotly debated, with various positions resulting from (and in) differences in belief about state intervention, property, privacy, security, and societal good.

Per addendum 7 of the First Conversation, the Library reserves right to update this entry with the just and fair opinion of the Divine Memorious. Per addendum 8, this opinion is withheld.

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[Primary] Signal route: Gray. Mirage density: Opaque. Proxy chain: Linked.

This better work.

[Satellite] Primary?


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