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In the heart of Contrition’s Figure, the Beloved Dust continue to investigate a strange disturbance that is displacing the inhabitants of the rehabilitation facility. Fourteen Fifteen interrogates Declan’s Corrective, unrepentant member of the New Earth Hegemony*. Sho Salon lectures on the divines, while Tender Sky comes face to face with the past. Signet meets a group of the facility’s residents…. and someone else meets them, too.
They’re here…
This week on Twilight Mirage: We Are the River and It Is The Sea

The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 103J
Organizations: Non-Divine: Earth Sphere: Governmental: The New Earth Hegemony
While many simply refer to the collected forces of the Earth sphere as “the Earth Cult,” this a fundamental mischaracterization of a complex array of distinct (but aligned) governmental, cultural, and military organizations. Reconnaissance has revealed that the fulcrum of these groups is the New Earth Hegemony, a governing body whose reach extends throughout the Sol system and which functions as mediator and marshal. The NEH is led by a principal statehead called “the Hegemon,” but little is known about the figure currently in this role. (Also see: The Blue Path, Geocentrism)

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[Primary] Dispatch 93B.

Priority. Protocol code: I-Quire touch Mirage α α α γ. Sub-protocol: bypass unknown.

Begin voice signature, primary observer Demani Dusk. Authorize direct communication channel.

Now entering linked broadcast quarantine. Connection with satellite observer cut. Connection with K-net wide cut. Connection with Mirage-wide cut.

Linking with K-upside switchboard. Linked. Connection with REHQ established.

Connection. Locked. Begin live transmission.

Boss, they're here. And I don't think they're just coming for her this time.

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