Waltz Tango (Cache) is a member of the Beloved Ivy and an award-winning mercenary with an astonishing record.[1] He goes by Waltz Tango (Cache) because his former self is dead; he's a sort of backup of Waltz Tango. His real name was probably not Waltz Tango.[2]

He is very competitive.[3]

Waltz owns a spaceship, the Bolero Smooth.[4]

Appearance Edit

His head is like a Companion Cube with its corners pulled apart; in the middle is a glowing sphere that blinks when he speaks. He wears no clothes, and his body is covered in tan metal plates. There are visible and audible servos in his arms. He has sharp, taloned feet and sharp, clawed hands. He has a bunch of guns: an assault rifle on his back, two pistols on his hips, and his hands are probably guns too.[2]

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