Undela Apogica, usually referred to as the Doyenne, is the leader of the Crown of Glass, a government on Quire that spans from the Sculpture to the Garden.

For most of her life, she was not an important person.[1] Apogica[note 1] became the Doyenne after she killed the despotic old king of the Crown of Glass, possibly with a saber. A facsimile of the king now serves as a guide through the Crown of Glass' Gallery.[2]

The Doyenne is an accomplished artist of great skill, and designed her own mech, as well as the mechs of the Saints.[3] She is particularly skilled at manipulating the silica-vitrus.[1]

Appearance Edit

She resembles Grace Jones, with very high cheekbones and incredibly dark skin. On her first appearance, she wore a high, angular flat-top cut and a dress made of glass.[3] On the crew of the Myriad's arrival in Sculpture City, she was bald, and wore a sequined dress whose long back hem split into two tails, almost like a tuxedo.[4] The night of the same day, when she spoke with Grand Magnificent, she wore a dress with a high collar reaching her temples and long sleeves, along with gloves.[5] In another meeting with Grand, she wore her hair in braids with gold ornaments woven throughout.[6]

Notes Edit

  1. Undela likely from the word undulate, to move like a wave, or perhaps undelayed, and Apogica likely from apogee, the point in a satellite's orbit farthest from the planet it is circling, as well as from a joke made in the worldbuilding episode about a tweet by the twitter account @_no.

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