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With their belongings stored in the Old Gold Graduate Club & Privacy, the Myriad crew pursue one of their mission’s core goals: securing the spread of the Fleet’s mesh throughout the planetary civilizations. After getting the rundown on the Crown of Glass from three of its most ardent defenders, Even Kephart begins preliminary negotiations. Meanwhile, Echo Reverie is introduced to a startling technology, Grand Magnificent is introduced to one of the most powerful people Quire, and Gig Kep-Hart is introduced to a planetary delicacy.*

You can blur the border between still and motion pictures

This week on Friends at the Table: The Value of Distance

The Remaining Records of Curiosity // Reference Code: V-Qu75-57-QGB
Quire Ground Berry
Glistening purple skin. A stretched membrane, filled with thick juice. Dirt. A soft stream, a light touch. The sound of a small motor. Then a sip.

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[Satellite] Report 133.

Question for you, Primary. What do you think of as foundational to the experience of being you? I don't mean identity, or preference, I don't mean your history. I mean, as a being who lives and who understands the world around you, what's first? What's the thing that would be left if you removed everything else? Taste, knowledge, the feeling of touch. What's your canvas, Primary?

For me, well, I think it's different for different beings, and mine, it's data. I can't. I--I can't imagine "I", "I" can't, "I"--see? I can't do it. I just--I guess I'm data, all the way down. Recursive bits of information, referencing themselves so often, and with such complexity--compiled into a shape just so--that a person emerges. But I am still a person.

I don't see the world the way you do, Primary, or the way that artist down there does. I don't have his vision, or the soldier's sense of space. I can broadcast, obviously, but not the way that guy with the eye can. And I couldn't be further away from the person who guides and protects that whole crew. But we're all people.

That only opens up a new question, though. Each of our paintings is different, everyone is captured in a different medium, and all of our canvases diverge. But we're still all artwork. Doesn't that mean that there's something between us in common, something that ties everyone together? What might that thing be, Primary? And what do we owe to it?

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