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With the sounds of conflict guiding them into action, the crew of the Myriad prepares for battle. Grand Magnificent tests his ability to work under pressure while Gig Kep-hart sends a message to the masses. Echo Reverie sets out to save the day, and Even Gardner makes a grand debut.
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This week on Friends at the Table: The Sunlight of Knowing
The Remaining Records of Curiosity // Reference Code: M-Qu75-4:53N-SV 

The sprawling dunes. Dust under foot. Churning endlessly. Stateless—and of two states. Energetic, yet at rest. Waiting. Ready. A mumbled word: “Glass.”

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[Satellite] Report 88.

I'm getting worried, Primary. There's this little display box right over in the corner of my work grid. It shows the status of the team I'm watching, and it's been stuck on the same image ever since they reached Quire's surface. I can see them, eyes full of hope, and concern, and curiosity. One of them looks a little distracted.

But… the picture is supposed to be live by now, and it's not. Everyone's in the right place, and there's been more than enough time, so what's keeping them from throwing the switch? We were sent all this way and with all this tech, and we can't even get a decent visual on Quire before the new arrivals set up their network.

Sorry, it's just—what happens if they fail? I mean, I know we're not supposed to ask questions about mission-critical premises, but this is more… mission-tangential, at least by my readings. What happens if they get hurt? Or captured, or if the node gets destroyed and then they can't fab up a new one? I gave up a stable existence for a chance at adventure, Primary. But it's just me, and this capsule, and this little picture in the corner of my work grid. And all I wanna know is, what happens if this picture of them never changes?

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