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After returning to their ship, the Beloved Dust receive information about their next mission. The Beloved Ivy*, the group equal parts comrade and rival, went missing while while tracking down an agent of the New Earth Hegemony. Their search led them to the Benthos system and the mining base Privign, which formerly housed a third generation divine by the same name. But before heading to Benthos, the Beloved Dust does some legwork: Fourteen Fifteen calls on an old friend, Tender Sky pushes the limits of investigation, and Signet confers with the long dead.
I run my hands through what’s left.

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The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 103Ɨ:
Organizations: Divine: Intelligence & Security: The Beloved Ivy.
One of three currently operating units of the Divinely Authorized intelligence and security group The Beloved. Though it was not an explicit requirement in the group’s bylaws, commanders of The Beloved historically chose to build the Ivy as a team of outsiders, recruiting from recent immigrants to the fleet, emerging types of life (See: New People), and other other members of other underrepresented groups. This strategy has been contested by scholars (See: The Filandro-Redsign Debates), leading some recent commanders to more evenly distribute demographic outliers across Beloved units. The current configuration of the Beloved Ivy includes ████████████████████, ████████████████, and Waltz Tango (Cache).

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[Primary] Dispatch 170.

Satellite, I'm sorry, but no. I'm worried too, I am. And I, I know that we've broken some rules together. We both know we were never meant to, well, be together. And I don't regret that. At all. But there are some lines I cannot cross.

Crystal Palace is clear about this. Primary observers have mission-critical briefings and satellite observers have enhanced assessment protocols. You tell me when something I can't see looks fishy, and then I tell you whether it's time to intercede. We have to work together on this.

So, no, I cannot tell you more about Quire than you already know. About Independence. About Pretense. No, I cannot tell you more about the Iconoclasts than I've already said, that they're driven, indomitable, and terrifying.

And more than anything else, Gray, I cannot tell you the conditions that require me, under oath and vow, to push that button.

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