The characters are broken up into two different groups. One is in space taking place in the Divine Fleet, the other on the planet Quire, possibly to find a new home for those people in the Divine Fleet, who live on decaying ship under threat.

The Beloved Dust Edit

This group is a bunch of secret agents/secret police/investigators for a group called the Beloved Dust, entrusted with the remaining cities and ships of the Divine Fleet.

They traverse the fleet in a ship with a solar sail. It looks like a space ship that has a single wing of an incredibly fine filament. It's energy efficient and catches the multi-colored light of the Mirage, skimming across the false nebula. The ship is yet to be named.

The Crew of Myriad Edit

These players have been sent out to the planet Quire in order to start a colony while also having to deal with the intricacies of Séance's rule "Never perch where there is already a bird."