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After receiving word that the city-ship of Seance would come under attack, the Beloved Dust move to intercept the threat. Fourteen Fifteen (Jack de Quidt) tracks their quarry into the mechanical guts of a giant coliseum, while above, ⸢Signet⸣ (Janine Hawkins) protects the human leader of the Divine Fleet’s faith. And deep inside “the Mysteries,” an interactive historical simulation, Tender Sky (Alicia Acampora) confronts a would-be killer.
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The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 277χ:
With 10 sides—eight long, horizontal slats and two octagonal cap-sides—this vessel has the largest usable surface area of any in the fleet, and houses nearly one third of the fleet’s population—second in residents only to The By and By. Yet it is also the youngest city-ship in the fleet. For over 29,000 years, (and due to their own beliefs about the value of free-flight), the devotees of Empyrean had no interest in maintaining a ship of their own. After the tenth death, though, the sect saw a necessity: Not only must the refugees of the other divines find perch, but the material remains of the fallen Divines could not be left to float in the dark, alone. Today, Seance is divided into over two hundred districts, each of which features one or more elements built from the remains of the holy departed.

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[Primary] Dispatch 57B.

How familiar are you with the fleet's Assemblage, Satellite?

When I came on to this position, I'd read the normal allotment of their holy texts. The Orbit's Alignment? Yeah. The key sections of Amalgam? Of course. A few of The Letters to the Cadent in Doubt, maybe. A couple, at least. But in the last couple of months, I've had a lot of time on my hands, Satellite. And I've gone digging deep into the Assemblage.

There's this small book of songs in there. A little thing, it's just called Lyrics and Accompaniment. I've read it, I've sung it, front to back, a dozen times now, it's... I'd never thought about it, Satellite, but there was a time before the Fleet was at its full size of three hundred Divines, and each new one that joined the orbit, it got a hymn, three hundred hymns. And then, when they started dying, well, it took a couple of dozen, but sooner than later, each dead Divine got one too. And I've got the page open right here in front of me, Satellite, and it's still at 598. It's still at 598, and that's wrong. That's wrong, because today, I sat in this box, and I watched a Divine die.

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