The Sky Reflected in Mirrors is a city-ship in the Divine Fleet associated with the Divine Curiosity.

History Edit

Curiosity found a ship that looks like a snow globe on top of the Nostromo. The ship has a mechanical undercarriage of tubes and wires and exhaust ports and jets, on top of which rests a beautiful globe, inside of which is gigantic, massive city. When the Divine and followers landed on this ship, it appeared to have been recently lived in but nobody was there and the whole ship was offline. After one district of the city was turned on, they were able to partially translate the language of the ship, and are fairly sure it's called the Sky Reflected in Mirrors.

Its followers did not have a single fleet, but had their own ships and would follow Curiosity in its travels within and without the Twilight Mirage. Now, however, all of its followers have come to live on Mirrors. The followers of Curiosity want to unravel the mystery of their god. They want to know what a god is curious about.

On Mirrors, the rule "leave no stone unturned" is emphasized more than in the rest of the fleet. It does not mean to be thorough, but is instead a way of life: constantly find stones to look under. They do not settle. This is ingrained in the fleet's cultural mythos. Unlike on other ships, the rule on Mirrors is "it is holy to become lost within the Sky Reflected in Mirrors". The city is giant, and only one district is lit, and somewhere within it there is something that killed a god, or persuaded a god to never return to its flock; the inhabitants believe it is good to become lost in this city despite that.

The people inside Mirrors carry torches or lanterns at all times. Similarly, when they are abroad they wear sunglasses because they are unused to light. In this period of instability they are rapidly expanding into Mirrors, attempting to find the Divine or its body. They are not equipped for this, but expansion continues apace, and the dispatched teams are racing.

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