Saint Caliper is a Saint of the Crown of Glass. She is in her early twenties and moves with exaggerated focus and haughtiness.[1] She disagrees with Saint Auger about the future of the Crown of Glass and seems determined to win either their argument or their drinking contest.[2]

Appearance Edit

Caliper has straight, greasy blonde hair, which she pulls back in a ponytail only when piloting her mech. When piloting, she also wears a jumpsuit. Outside of her Saint, she wears a black crushed velvet dress jacket with TS, the initials of the Sculpture, emblazoned on it above the Sculpture's shield, a five-pronged star with the silhouette of the sculpture of a human. Under that, she wears a white blouse, a skirt and tights.[3]

Saint Mech Edit

Caliper's Saint has a long rifle (almost also a halberd) strapped to its back. It is the leanest of the Saints but is still very wide, effectively a walking tank. Like the other Saints, it has been customized by its driver.[4]

References Edit

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