Saints are an important part of the defense of the Crown of Glass and the Doyenne. The term refers to both the knight-shaped mecha and their pilots.

Appearance Edit

Saint mecha look like medieval suits of armor: they're made of brushed steel and have pointed toes. All have different heads (a bishop’s hat, a classic split-visor knight's helmet with a pointed nose, and so on).[1]

The basic form is the same between them. Most importantly, there's a huge glass cockpit in the heart of the machine, which also exposes the part of the pilot's torso where their own heart is located. Their bodies are very bulky and wide; even Caliper's, the leanest, is a walking tank. Despite their similarities, the mecha are customized by their pilots and will have pieces of gold fringe or engravings to mark them as one person’s Saint.[2]

Members Edit

The known current or former Saints are:

References Edit

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