Morning's Observation is a young operative of the New Earth Hegemony who attempted to interfere with the Mysteries before being stopped by Tender Sky.

Belonging to the Earth Cult, his surname is possessive; a translation of his name would read something like "Observation of Morning."

His dream of making Calci-yummm reality were finally achieved with the help of Grand Magnificent.

Personality Edit

Observation is sort of a snotty nerd. He's also very sad about Earth in general, and his favourite sandwich guy being dead.

Appearance Edit

Observation is a 19- or 20-year-old scrawny white man. Seen in the Mesh in "The Last Divine", he wore an all-black skinsuit with little white lines running down the extremities in a curved shapes and a helmet in matching black. He had a large flowing red cape attached to his suit, and wielded both a laser sword and a gun.

Outside the Mesh, he wears a jacket made of a sort of denim scalemail. One side of his hair is dyed pink, the other is dyed black. He has tattoos on his face and the side of his neck.[1]

Austin has said that Morning's Observation was directly inspired by the rapper Lil Peep (who sported a similar pink-and-black hairstyle)[2].

References Edit

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  2. "Re: jean scalemale, here's one paragraph from the huge Pusher update we just released: 'Lil Peep is an up and coming (and or soon to be forgotten, but I hope not) musician who is part of the new set of rappers blending emo and hip hop into a really hypnotic mix. (This feature on him is a really great primer, if you're interested, and that closing photo with the blue-sequined jacket is choice.) Peep also the direct inspiration for a character you've seen a little of already, and that you'll see more of very shortly.' [...] And that is absolutely Morning's Observation" - Austin via the Fans at the Table discord, #twilight-mirage channel, 8/5/17

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