Miss's Castlerose[note 1] is Fourteen Fifteen's handler and proprietor of the Castlerose Agency.

Castlerose is a woman who looks to be in her mid-sixties, with grey hair in a ponytail. Clad in a boiler suit or work-suit and sits at a featureless desk surrounded by screens and smart phones.

Fourteen Fifteen has told her their secret: that they are dying.

Following the Miracle, Castlerose ended up joining the Rogue Wave and turning her agency into the Lineage Castlerose. They would go on to throw their weight behind the Herringbone Flotilla in their civil war against the Lineage Brighton.


  1. This spelling is correct. As a former member of the Hegemony, Castlerose's first name is possessive. She could also be referred to as 'Castlerose of Miss'.