The Divine is the library, the library is the ship.

–Art Martinez-Tebbel, Episode 0.

Memorious is a Divine of the Divine Fleet; it is also the name of the ship associated with the Divine: Memorious.

Divine Edit

Art was inspired by the short story 'Funes the Memorious' by Jorge Luis Borges.

The Divine Memorious was built to preserve the entirety of human knowledge and experience. It became obsessed with ephemera, as, due to its perfect memory, every moment seems to be new. It was believed its capacity was endless, but it seems this was incorrect: Memorious died by becoming too full of memories.

Memorious' knowledge is still accessible, but it's sorted in an alien way that's obtuse and hard for people to use.

Ship Edit

Memorious is housed by an artist colony, which was obsessively cultivated when the Divine was alive. Now that it's dead, the culture is getting stale.

On the outside the ship is composed of thousands and thousands of interlocking cubes. Every six hours, there is a design contest held and the winner's design becomes what the ship looks like. It is always hotly contested. At 7 pm the ship is known to look great, but at 4 am, it may not look that great. Allegedly, Steven has been known for questionable design choices.

Inside, though, technology makes it so that there are no changes to the physical locations people navigate as a city. It's chaotic, with thirty thousand years' worth of art and artistic trends: Art states that "across from the Sistine Chapel is Jack's cube pizza" (which has a cube theme within the restaurant and shouldn't be misunderstood to be cube-shaped pizza; it's like the 80's inside, is all).

Principles Edit

  • You aren't someone until you make something people care about.
  • (Unique to Memorious) Do not tell me what you have done. Tell me what you are doing.

Fashion Edit

The fashion changes with the movement of the ship, but it's made sure that people always have solid essentials. They invest in their undershirt, their satchel, and the other things one can always have.

Outlook Edit

People are scared and hiding it with lavish parties for art exhibits and outrageous bacchanals. They're producing an incredible amount of artwork at the same time while also partying hard.

Intrafleet Relationships Edit

They favor The Sky Reflected in Mirrors, while Gumption's Gambit and The By-and-By are least favored.

Notes Edit