Kamala Cadence was an artist, scholar, and prophet who synthesized a number of disparate positions about divines and humanity's relationship to them in a way that achieved balance and progress, founding the faith known as The Resonant Orbit thirty millennia prior to the events of Twilight Mirage.

Teachings Edit

A painter of holograms, Kamala's breakthrough was twofold; first, she was able to analyze the many debates around the relationship between humans and divines and came to the conclusion that a new, coordinated society was needed. Secondly, Cadence used her artistic medium to analogizing her message to the phenomenon of orbital resonance (in which different planets orbiting a center of mass do so within rhythm with each other), displaying holograms to animate her message in an open air arena, depicting that the present state of society was untenable and the relationship between Divines and people would result in a terrible war again without adopting major societal changes.