Grand Magnificent (known to some simply as Grand Mag) is an artist, engineer, and mech designer played by Art Martinez-Tebbel.

Appearance Edit

Grand wears a purple and neon green flannel vest (the most important thing). He is described as moderately built, with an "unassuming physical presence". He looks constantly disinterested. Art lists Korean-American actor Randall Park as a face inspiration for Grand.

Grand has a large tattoo of historical and fictional mechs fighting on his right arm. It includes some old Divines, a Rook, some mechs from the time between COUNTER/Weight and the Divine Fleet, one Gundam, and one Power Rangers Megazord. He gave himself the tattoo by means of a robot he designed specifically for the task, which he controlled with both hands. Its appearance is enhanced when seen in the Mesh.

Personality Edit

He's a self-absorbed dick.

Beliefs Edit

  • I will lend my genius to these quaint colonialists, and through that will find new authenticity.
  • Echo has led a life worth living. I will find a way to distill that essence into my work.
  • I will find the hidden Divine, and it will validate my work by letting me build it a new body.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance, no one deserves a third.

History Edit

Grand Mag decided in the midst of a party that he was completely disenchanted with the community and things that surrounded him, and abruptly decided to accept a role with the group sent to Quire. In preparation for the expedition, he took a trip to the space camping store and loaded up on gear (his flannel vest, a brand new Neutrality multitool knife, water purification tablets, alligator repellent, survival guides, etc.) for the trip.

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