Grand Magnificent (known to some simply as Grand Mag) is an artist, engineer, and mech designer played by Art Martinez-Tebbel.

Spoiler: Episode 67

After Grand made the Divine Arbit, he haphazardly became its Excerpt, taking the name Peace Returned to the Valley, The Rivers Flowed Clear and Blue, The Mountains Resplendent, Grand. Magnificent Light Shone on the Diligent and the Penitent Alike, refusing to allow anyone to use a shortened version of this name.

Appearance Edit

Grand wears a purple and neon green flannel vest (the most important thing). He is described as moderately built, with an "unassuming physical presence". He looks constantly disinterested. Art lists Korean-American actor Randall Park as a face inspiration for Grand.

Grand has a large tattoo of historical and fictional mechs fighting on his right arm. It includes some old Divines, a Rook, some mechs from the time between COUNTER/Weight and the Divine Fleet, one Gundam, and one Power Rangers Megazord. He gave himself the tattoo by means of a robot he designed specifically for the task, which he controlled with both hands. Its appearance is enhanced when seen in the Mesh.

Personality Edit

He's a self-absorbed dick.

Beliefs Edit

  • I will lend my genius to these quaint colonialists, and through that will find new authenticity.
  • Echo has led a life worth living. I will find a way to distill that essence into my work.
  • I will find the hidden Divine, and it will validate my work by letting me build it a new body.
  • Everyone deserves a second chance, no one deserves a third.

History Edit

Grand Mag decided in the midst of a party that he was completely disenchanted with the community and things that surrounded him, and abruptly decided to accept a role with the group sent to Quire. In preparation for the expedition, he took a trip to the space camping store and loaded up on gear (his flannel vest, a brand new Neutrality multitool knife, water purification tablets, alligator repellent, survival guides, etc.) for the trip.

Spoiler: Episode 60

Grand Magnificent, having become obsessed with leaving the Quire System for a position of greater safety, was approached by Kitcha Kana, the Bird Leader of Advent, who hired him for a job; deliver an unknown package--which was heavily implied to contain a bomb--to him on the Restitution of All Things, and, in exchange, Kana would ensure that Grand could leave and retire in luxury.

Grand took this job, and was successful in delivering the bomb, though his companion, Fourteen Fifteen, who Grand had rescued a short while before, was furious with this action, and fought Kana and his associate, Kentucky's Corona. This fight did not go well--despite Fourteen's new robot body--and Grand was soon faced with a choice; leave, and Fourteen would be killed by Kitcha Kana, or design one item for Advent in exchange for their life. Grand, not wanting to be tied to Advent that strongly, proposed a third idea; he would give Kitcha Kana the plans to the Body of Independence, and Fourteen would be free to leave. Kitcha Kana accepted this immediately, and Grand was taken to the Advent Catapult in exchange (Fourteen Fifteen had to make their own way of the ship with the help of Declan's Corrective, who had been at the summit that was recently bombed by Advent).

Spoiler: Episode 62

Several weeks later, Grand was telepresent at the Notion's Feast of Patina celebrations, via a remotely operated cubist mech of himself. He drew the anger of most members of the Notion for giving Advent the plans to Independence, and in turn was angry at them for not being grateful that he had saved Fourteen Fifteen's life. It was later revealed in the finale that this mech housed a bomb, which Grand had installed as a potential--and unused--fail safe.
Spoiler: Episode 66

Grand later reused this mech to assassinate Advent's Avian Boss, Kitcha Kana, using the bomb held inside it.
Spoiler: Episode 67

Grand, in an effort to rob the Rapid Evening of Crystal Palace's predictive power, built the Divine Arbit, a non-sentient chaos engine.[1] He was arguably its excerpt, taking the name Peace Returned to the Valley, The Rivers Flowed Clear and Blue, The Mountains Resplendent, Grand. Magnificent Light Shone on the Diligent and the Penitent Alike[2]

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