Excerpts, once known as Candidates[1], are the operators of the Divines. While the Divines are sentient beings, they are still paired with humans when performing their tasks. The influence that the Excerpt has over the functioning of the Divine (and vice versa) varies between each Divine.

Though Excerpts and Candidates are both human components of Divines, they differ in their purpose. Candidates tend to fulfil more of a component roll - they are used by their Divines for additional processing, or for other purposes - while Excerpts have a greater role in determining which action the pair should take, and how resources should be allocated.

Known excerpts Edit

Pre-Miracle of the Mirage (Episode 1-24) Edit

  • ⸢Signet⸣(They marked scars of light in pitch; born in fiercest purpose, and beheld as the signet sealed upon our pact.): She is the former excerpt of Belgard, and the last living excerpt of a third-generation Divine. Member of the Beloved Dust.
  • ⸢Blooming⸣ (To the prince we offered twelve thousand flowers, Blooming in an untouched field.): She is the current excerpt of Empyrean, and finds herself stretched thin.
  • ⸢Covenant⸣ (Under Starlight Covenant Was Etched Into Flesh And Steel): Former excerpt of Gumption.
  • ⸢Promise⸣ (With The Fourth Promise Broken, The People Of The Clay City Watched The Sunset For A Final Time), also known as The Potent: Former excerpt of Potency.
  • ⸢Tide⸣(The Brackish Tide That Swallowed His Toes, And Drew The Warmth Of Blood From Bone,): Former excerpt of Persistence.
  • Andara Aurora, or ⸢Sloe⸣ (The robin rested on the sloe branches, bitter as the fruit): Former excerpt of Privign.

After the Miracle of the Mirage (Episode 25-54) Edit

Spoiler: Episode 54: Downtime on Skein

  • ⸢Blooming⸣ (And a spark kindled carpet into flame, turning solemn sanctuary into crisis, Blooming bright): formerly the excerpt of Empyrean. With the help of the Waking Cadent, Blooming becomes the excerpt of the divine Compulsion.

After the Second Miracle (Episode 55-end) Edit

Spoiler: Episode 56: The Vault of Anticipation Pt. 2

  • Kamala Cadence, or ⸢Many⸣ (The light of us is Many, and yet seen across the distance, it is though it is one): Former excerpt of Independence. Before Kamala, Independence instead had candidates, but with Kamala the relationship changed to a more positive one.[2]
  • ⸢Civet⸣ (Under the cover of night, the Civet stalked mouse and berry alike): The last excerpt-turned-Candidate of Anticipation before the two were lost to the Divine Fleet.
  • Tender Sky, or ⸢Tenderness⸣ (Our voices combined, filled with great tenderness, as we sing for their good fortune.): the current excerpt/candidate of Anticipation, after taking Anticipation into her mind from the Vault on Altar.[3]
Spoiler: Episode 57: The Siege of the Lineage Brighton Pt. 1

Spoiler: Episode 62: The Feast of Patina

  • Massalia d'Argent, or ⸢Silver⸣ (The seal was broken by silver blade, slipped neatly under letter's edge): Silver becomes the excerpt of Barricade, who has fused with Silver's faux-divine Melodica.
    • Lumen Lux was originally to be the excerpt of Barricade, but they were killed during the Siege on Brighton.
Spoiler: Episode 65: Futura Free Pt. 2

Spoiler: Episode 66: Futura Free Pt. 3

  • Polyphony: becomes the excerpt of Volition, tempering its creation of axioms into something more thoughtful
Spoiler: Episode 67: Futura Free Pt. 4

  • Grand Magnificent, or Peace returned to the valley, the rivers flowed clear and blue; the mountains: resplendent, Grand. Magnificent light shone on the diligent and the penitent alike: Creator and excerpt of Arbit

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