The Ever Forward is a city ship in the Divine Fleet associated with the Divine Potency.

On the outside of the Ever Forward there are two main structures, metal cylinders where the engines, weapons, shields, and so on are. Between them there's a series of independent, translucent spheres, where people live, that independently rotate and spin like a ferris wheel around the cylinders. Also, within these spheres, are housed a multitude of different biomes to support a ship-wide zoo of plants and animals that were affected by any changes that had been made by them to a planet.

The ship's interior is primarily a zoo; there are buildings but they're are lot more close to suburban than urban. Spaces are sprawling. Everyone has a garden and there are also many shared garden spaces. People grow plants from other ecologies all over, and everyone is a vegetarian.

On the Ever Forward, the rule "take what is necessary and leave what you can" is emphasized more than in the rest of the fleet.

Fashion and style are very functional. Coats and jackets with pouches, pockets, to fit empty vials and beakers for testing can be found on people. There are pockets of seeds on them at all times, just in case they can propagate green space. "World War one era peacoats for everybody."

The tone of the ship in this turbulent time is practicality, including building a military, which they did not have before. Their aim is protecting their amassed biomes and ecologies. They are not militant but they want to be able to rely on themselves--a different kind of sustainability.

The ship can still make small changes to planets, such as changing atmospheres to be more breathable, or enriching the soil. However, resources can no longer be transmuted, and even small changes need to have nodes placed on the planet in order to facilitate them.

They favor Thyrsus, while Memorious is least favored.

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