Even Gardner, the Catabolist, is a soldier whose body is integrated with a biomechanical parasite that merged him with aspects of the Twilight Mirage. He is played by Andrew Lee Swan.

Background Edit

A longtime military man with the Ever-Forward, Gardner has spent much of his life bringing specimens of plants and animals back to the city-ship for inclusion in its large zoo and garden. During a mission in which he was flying solo with specimens back to the Ever-Forward, an accident that would have left Even to die in the void of space instead led to a parasite (one of the specimens which his ship carried) being merged into his nervous system and connecting him with matter from the Twilight Mirage. On a biological level, he is no longer human.

He has come to reject all conventional cybernetics and has to develop his own by way of his Omni-tool, this spider-like parasite that hybridizes different beings and substances with one another in order to propagate itself. This creature, having 'overrode' any prior cybernetic enhancements Gardner had, converts technology into compatibility with Even's biology, allowing for cybernetics to be possible only by this method.

Even pilots the Amprunner, a quadrupedal mech that Grand Magnificent designed for him, which interfaces with his omni-tool. The ability to mentally interface with the mech has helped Even feel that perhaps he has more to offer beyond his physical capabilities.

Appearance Edit

Even is described as masculine, with a smooth face and earnest eyes. He is described as older and looking to be in his early 50s. Dre describes him as being of Middle Eastern descent.

Even wears bulky space armor, akin to that worn by the Kojima Productions mascot Ludens and the Titans from Destiny.

Personality Edit

Ideology Edit

Even believes "I was saved by fate, and I've become something entirely new. This second chance means nothing if I don't embrace my gifts."

His need to experience new technology has caused trouble for the crew in the past.

Beliefs Edit

  • "Orders from the Fleet have good reasons behind them, so they should be followed."
  • The unique oddities we discover on the surface of Quire deserve to be protected and preserved. "I need to experience the rush of connecting to new technology as soon as I can."[note 1]
  • "Grand Magnificent has made a great contribution to our mission, so I should help him find what he seeks."

Notes Edit

  1. Added in Episode 15: "A Life and A History".

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