Episode Title Description
00 The Final Eight Divines The players set the stage for the season by describing the city-ships their characters come from, the Divines which once led them, and how their patron died.
01 The Beloved Dust The Beloved Dust, a group of investigators and operatives with Divine mandate, learns that there is an imminent threat targeting Composure's Coliseum during a important (and highly populated) ritual. Former excerpt and pilot of the Divine Belgard, ⸢Signet⸣, trades favors religious and mundane. The dilapidating assassin Fourteen Fifteen blends into the audience to see things from a higher ground. And Tender Sky, a highly skilled digital architect, enters the event directly in order to protect it from the inside.
02 The Last Divine After receiving word that the city-ship of Seance would come under attack, the Beloved Dust move to intercept the threat. Fourteen Fifteen tracks their quarry into the mechanical guts of a giant coliseum, while above, Signet protects the human leader of the Divine Fleet’s faith. And deep inside “the Mysteries,” an interactive historical simulation, Tender Sky confronts a would-be killer.
03 The Planet of Quire In the wake of Gumption's death, and with the killer at large, the divine fleet dispatches a group to prepare the planet of Quire for refugees. The living vessel named Myriad carries six (including herself) individuals to a clearing south of the Painted Plateaux. Included on the crew are the ship's mind herself, a diplomat authorized to negotiate with the civilizations of Quire, a bio-mechanical cyborg with extensive military experience, a martial artist with a commuted prison sentence, an artist, engineer, and designer of mechs, and a broadcaster who is designated to report on the operation. Their first task: Establish an uplink to the Twilight Mirage's network by-way-of a two-ton communications node, which must be installed hundreds of miles north of the ship’s landing point.
04 Birds of Prey The crew from the ship Myriad continue to explore the planet Quire. Grand Magnificent explains the strange experience that he had in the canyon, but Echo Reverie is less interested in chasing shadows than in leading them towards their destination: A church on the north side of the plateau. Gig Kep-hart meets a new friend, and in the face of danger, Even Gardner offers his expert guidance.
05 The Sunlight of Knowing With the sounds of conflict guiding them into action, the crew of the Myriad prepares for battle. Grand Magnificent tests his ability to work under pressure while Gig Kep-hart sends a message to the masses. Echo Reverie sets out to save the day, and Even Gardner makes a grand debut.
06 We Want You to Come Home Days after the crew of the Myriad establishes a connection between Quire and the Divine Fleet, the Beloved* Dust meet at the digital club called The Steady to relax and catch up. But before Tender Sky, Fourteen Fifteen, and ⸢Signet⸣ can really unwind, they’re called back to base… where they meet supposed allies, a young recruit, and someone who they hope can offer answers about the murder of Gumption.
07 Second Street Drifting Following a distress call from the Vice-Warden of Contrition's Figure, Seance's correctional facility, the Beloved Dust prepare to enter the building under special circumstances. The gunslinger Fourteen Fifteen checks in with an old friend at The Signal*, and manages to only talk of work, while the Excerpt ⸢Signet⸣ spends time thinking of a past so different from, and yet so close to, the present. Tender Sky, an architect utterly familiar with The Mesh, considers herself ready for what awaits inside the digital environments of Contrition's Figure. But these are strange times. Something has changed in the facility and, worse, perhaps the Beloved Dust aren't the only people interested.
08 We are the River, And it is the Sea In the heart of Contrition’s Figure, the Beloved Dust continue to investigate a strange disturbance that is displacing the inhabitants of the rehabilitation facility. Fourteen Fifteen interrogates Declan’s Corrective, unrepentant member of the New Earth Hegemony. Sho Salon lectures on the divines, while Tender Sky comes face to face with the past. Signet meets a group of the facility’s residents…. and someone else meets them, too.
09 The Sound of Strings Driven into a corrupted, digital city by a mysterious foe, the Beloved Dust set up to rescue the inhabitants of the rehabilitation center called Contrition’s Figure. Tender Sky and ⸢Signet⸣ chase the iconoclasts as they heads towards the skyscraper (and a mysterious, living cloud above). Sho Salon and Fourteen Fifteen, meanwhile, contend with streets packed with furious simulacra as they seek the source of a strange song.
10 Looking To Land In the virtual confines of the Contrition's Figure rehabilitation center, it has come time for the Beloved Dust to face their foes! The bounty hunter Fourteen Fifteen frees the convict Aura Antigua and places her in the care of protege Sho Salon, taking her place in the strange vise which had trapped her. Elsewhere, Signet and Tender Sky climb to great heights to confront the Iconoclasts... and to investigate the mysterious White Cloud entity.
11 What We're Capable Of With the Contrition’s Figure rehabilitation facility safe and secured, the Beloved Dust are left to attend to matters personal, professional, and spiritual. After slipping through the data stream, Fourteen Fifteen makes a brand new debut. Elsewhere, Tender Sky takes the first step in a long project of self-fulfillment, while ⸢Signet⸣ fulfills something else: a promise.
12 The Promise of Presence In the month after the midnight attack on Doyenne Undela Apogica, the crew of the Myriad explore the nearby deserts and jungles in preparation for a journey to the region’s largest settlement. The artist Grand Magnificent finds an abandoned production facility lost in the dunes, while Echo Reverie finds a strangely shifting monument to the past. Even Gardner picks through the remains of a Crown of Glass Saint* for parts, and Gig Kep-hart finds that new friends come from surprising places.
13 An Instinct Without A Word After joining each other for dinner, the crew of the reconnaissance ship Myriad tend to business before setting west towards a sprawling city. Grand Magnificent and Echo Reverie find room for creative collaboration, while Even Gardner takes a journey of self discovery. And Gig Kep-Hart has a horse, and an eye for trouble.
14 The Value of Distance With their belongings stored in the Old Gold Graduate Club & Privacy, the Myriad crew pursue one of their mission’s core goals: securing the spread of the Fleet’s mesh throughout the planetary civilizations. After getting the rundown on the Crown of Glass from three of its most ardent defenders, Even Gardner begins preliminary negotiations. Meanwhile, Echo Reverie is introduced to a startling technology, Grand Magnificent is introduced to one of the most powerful people Quire, and Gig Kep-Hart is introduced to a planetary delicacy.
15 A Life and A History As if driven by the spirit of the late divine Curiosity, the Myriad crew scour Sculpture City (and its surrounding environment) for answers. Echo Reverie and Even Gardner try to unravel the political intrigues that put the Doyenne (and her most honorable servant, Saint Glass) in the crosshairs. And while Gig Kephart takes on the macro mystery—the history of the planet Quire itself—the artist called Grand Magnificent turns inwards instead, towards what the very core of what it means to be a human.
16 An Approximation of a Connection In the colored shadows of Sculpture City, the Divine Fleet’s reconnaissance team finds itself more and more entangled in the intrigues of Quire’s most powerful nation: The Crown of Glass. In the northern swamplands Gig Kephart confronts a deadly foe, Even Gardner finds himself in an unexpected alliance. Elsewhere, Grand Magnificent puts the finishing touches on his most ambitious work yet, and Echo Reverie tries out a finishing maneuver of their own.
17 Like Falling Leaves Two weeks ago, the living planet of Quire used the instantaneous streaming device built into Gig Kep-hart to send a broadcast to everyone in the Mirage. Its contents? The arrival of the divine Independence, and the personal alienation, civil strife, and cultural annihilation that followed in its wake.

Today, though, the Beloved Dust have business. Fourteen Fifteen continues to perform as Worthy of Grace, adapting to their new body (and the responsibilities of a Virtual Kei star). Meanwhile, while investigating the effects of the strange cloud’s effects on Belgard, the excerpt Signet embarks down a risky path. Looking for a place to clear her mind, the (exiled) priestess Tender Sky turns towards her faith… and her creativity.

18 The Sun Pales to Its Brightness After returning to their ship, the Beloved Dust receive information about their next mission. The Beloved Ivy, the group equal parts comrade and rival, went missing while while tracking down an agent of the New Earth Hegemony. Their search led them to the Benthos system and the mining base Privign, which formerly housed a third generation divine by the same name. But before heading to Benthos, the Beloved Dust does some legwork: Fourteen Fifteen calls on an old friend, Tender Sky pushes the limits of investigation, and Signet confers with the long dead.
19 A Single Moment, Caught On the nearly abandoned mining station of Privign, the Beloved Dust continue to search for their comrades (and the hostile agent from the New Earth Hegemony.) Signet and Beloved Ivy member Acre Seven discuss personal history, while Fourteen Fifteen meets someone from their own recent past. But when Tender Sky is confronted with challenges, she isn't looking backwards. Instead, she strives towards a future no one could predict.
20 Bits Left Behind As the station of Privign comes under assault, the Beloved Dust rush to respond. Tender Sky and Signet speak with the leader of the temple to determine a plan of action that will save the lives of those on board. Elsewhere, Fourteen Fifteen makes a startling discovery. And over it all a strange light is cast.
21 One's Own Right With Privign pushed to the brink of disaster, and new threats revealed, two thirds of the Beloved Dust take measures to evacuate the station. While ⸢Signet⸣ works to protect and preserve the history of the first third generation divine, Tender Sky digs into the surprising history of something much more foreign. And on The Sky Reflected In Mirrors, Fourteen Fifteen adapts to their new body and listens to a special message.
22 godspeed, glory Pt. 1
23 godspeed, glory Pt. 2
24 godspeed, glory Pt. 3
25 The Miracle of the Mirage: The Dragon It is a moment of crisis, with many threats coming to bear on the residents of the Twilight Mirage all at once. Sui Juris, a separatist movement, has kidnapped the Divine Fleet's human leader—the Cadent Under Mirage—and is demanding the fleet recognize The By and By as its new capital. Meanwhile, military perils from the outside—including military vessels from both the New Earth Hegemony and the Rapid Evening—charge towards the fleet at speed. And as they race closer and closer, the Twilight Mirage itself collapses inwards, towards the Quire System, where every major remaining ship in the fleet rests... and where the Iconoclasts' machine god Volition threatens to shatter the walls of reality.

And now, in this moment, the divine Independence—driven by pulsing Heart and housed in crystalline Body—has landed on that false moon, searching for its Mind. If it is successful, it will join with Volition and bring on an impossible age, where even materiality itself is threatened.

But unlikely heroes race towards Volition too: The excerpt ⸢Signet⸣ and her recently revived Divine, Belgard, who seek to confront hopelessness itself. Korrin Kim, mercenary recently released from Contrition's Figure, determined to make right by the world. ⸢Blooming⸣, who has spent the last six months hiding the death of the divine Empyrean. The technologist and soldier, Even Gardner, who wounded Independence and took from it its pilot. And Grand Magnificent, the artist who built Independence's Body, pristine and powerful, a perfect mirror of personal accomplishment and failure.

26 The Miracle of the Mirage: The Heist With the possible union between the Divine Independence and the Iconoclastic god Volition disrupted, the Twilight Mirage--and the universe at large--has been granted a reprieve from annihlation.

But for the members of the Divine Fleet, there remains crisis and confusion and chaos. The By and By, largest ship in the fleet by size and population, has been split in loyalty by the sudden, secessionist proclamation of Sui Juris and the revelation that they held captive the Cadent Under Mirage.

Now moving to rescue her are members of The Beloved: Fourteen Fifteen, digital, dying assassin; Acre 7, remnant of a living world; Sho Salon, faithful of the 300; Massalia d'Argent and their mech, Melodica; the boy out of time and place, Morning's Observation; Tender Sky, architect, priestess, and former partner of Open Metal, leader of Sui Juris. These are the Fleet's--and the Cadent's--best hope for survival.

27 The Miracle of the Mirage: The Siege While the other strike teams move in bursts of heroism to confront their foes--Independence and Sui Juris respectively--the remaining group has a more protracted task at hand: Ensuring the safety of millions evacuating to the surface of Quire.

Commander Pure Cascara leads the effort from above, while broadcaster Gig Kephart, pathfinder Echo Reverie, and the living ship Myriad--all knowledgeable about Quire’s surface--begin to educate and organize evacuation groups.

Unfortunately, they have to do this in the face of secession, military invasion, and the first public encounter with one of Volition’s Axioms, a being beyond easy comprehension. While they can rely on the Beloved Ivy’s military specialist, Waltz Tango (Cache) for some support, they’ll need more help than that yet. And they find it from an unlikely source: Former New Earth Hegemony ace pilot Declan’s Corrective.

28 This Year of Ours: The Scoundrel After the events of the Miracle of the Mirage, Grand Magnificent has found himself a new line of work.
29 This Year of Ours: The Pilot It's been eleven months, and Even Gardner has gone through some pretty stark changes.
30 This Year of Ours: The Muscle Echo Reverie, former criminal and bodyguard, now bureaucrat, is about to meet their match.
31 This Year of Ours: The Mechanic Vlogger Gig Kephart has found a colorful new partnership on the planet Brighton.
32 This Year of Ours: The Stitch The past eleven months have given the excerpt ⸢Signet⸣ an opportunity to learn more about herself.
33 This Year of Ours: The Speaker Former assassin Fourteen Fifteen has had a busy eleven months full of legal education and practice.
34 This Year of Ours: The Mystic The priestess Tender Sky has taken on a personal project in the past year, learning some new tricks.
35 This Year of Ours: The Notion On The World Without End, new bonds form between old cohorts as the Notion comes into being in response to the new issues in the Twilight Mirage.