Echo Reverie is a petty criminal with no cybernetics or connection to the Mesh.

Background Edit

Born without the nanites that followers of Harmony use to connect to the Mesh, Echo lives entirely outside the augmented reality which most inhabitants of the Twilight Mirage dwell in constantly. However, they are in prime physical condition, and seek to use their strength to protect others.

Having been arrested by the Beloved Dust in the midst of a larger investigation, their sentence was commuted in exchange for traveling in a protective capacity with the small group sent to begin the process of colonizing Quire.

Personality Edit

"They've spent their whole life being told something is wrong with them." "They've spent their whole life having to fight and they are very good at it now."

Beliefs Edit

  • If someone doubts you, prove them wrong.
  • Don't let Gig use you for entertainment.
  • Make sure that the Mirage isn't being forced on Quire.
  • Don't burn yourself up to keep others warm.
  • If nobody is gonna protect the little guy, I will.
  • The chip on your shoulder isn't heavier than a human life.

Appearance Edit

Echo is ethnically First Nations/Native American[2] and a big fan of crop tops[3]. Echo is described as "very androgynous". They have a "fine-boned face" and "versatile wear", which is functional. They wear an "athletic crop-top", "baggy military pants", and an embroidered silk bomber jacket that they have made themselves with "a tiger fighting an eagle on the back". They have long dark blue hair (like in an anime). They wear a sheath on their back in which they keep their sword, Elegy, which is a rectangular single-edged blade with a slightly angled point on the end, similar to one used by the character Yarong from Shaman Warrior[4]. They are 5'6" and built "like a gymnast".

During Episode 13, Grand Magnificent and Echo design a mech described as "slender and asymmetrical" named Overture.

References Edit

  1. "'stay tough little tiger, just know i'm proud of you even if mom and dad aren't. hopefully i can meet you down there someday - b.r.'" - description of aubade::elegy, Andi's playlist for Echo
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