This article is about the assassin and bounty hunter. For the composer, pianist and bandleader who lived from 1899 to 1974, see Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington. Edit

Duke Ellington, also called the Duke, is an assassin and bounty hunter under the employ of Castlerose and the Marquis of Transport and Fashion who was sent to collect Grand Magnificent.[1].

The Duke's body is a mix of robot and human; he has robotic lungs, for instance.[2]

Ship Edit

His ship resembles a closed flower, made of folded petals of a hard, metallic, luminous blue. They appear dusted with pollen.[3]

Appearance Edit

The Duke is a black dude with slicked back hair and thin moustache wearing a very nice gray flannel suit and a fedora. He has a pistol in an underarm holster. He appears to be in his sixties or early seventies.[4]

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