Declan's Corrective is a former member of the New Earth Hegemony who was, at the time of his introduction, a prisoner in Contrition's Figure.

Corrective personally killed 27 Divines, the last of which was Contrition. He has been in prison for at least 200 years, but has never felt the regret for his actions which would allow him to go free.

He is also a poet, and his writing apparently has special Mesh-affecting properties. One of his poems is Second Street Drifting, featured in the episode which shares this title.

He claimed that he chose his name due to his determination to correct the wrongs of his father, Declan.

Spoiler: Episode 65

After Even Gardner found the final piece of the Divine Gumption, and Kent Brighton stole the completed Divine from the Divine Free States, Declan's Corrective--who had fallen ill from old age at this point--was chosen to be the new Excerpt of Gumption by a committee of Tender Sky (now the Excerpt ⸢Tenderness⸣ of the Divine Anticipation), the Cadent Under Mirage, and other spiritual leaders of Seneschal's Brace. He took the name Engage the crowned gears, drive forward with the pinion and the rack, for though the maintenance may be concluded, there are repairs to perform, or ⸢Pinion⸣.[1]

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