Little is known about the so-called "white cloud" entity, which was first detected in the Mirage minutes within the death of the divine Gumption. Debate about the identity, motives, and origin of the being run throughout the fleet, but early attempts to probe the white cloud have returned conflicting reports—when they return anything at all. Perhaps the only high-value information confirmed about the entity at the time of this entry is that it exists in a state of cross-state quantum entanglement, allowing it to maintain simultaneous presence in both physical space and the digital environment. Empyrean has marked this entity for further high priority study. Experts should report to the Perch in Seance.

–The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 205E, "Looking To Land" episode description

Chthonic, also known as Chthonian[note 1] or the White Cloud, is a strange entity that was first encountered by the Beloved Dust at Contrition's Figure. Physically, it resembles a white cloud.[note 2] According to both Memorious' Library[1] and the Rapid Evening[2], Chthonian was first noticed soon after the death of Gumption, which corresponds with Austin's statement, at the time of Gumption's death, that the explosion created "puffy white clouds."[3]

Behavior Edit

It appeared to be copying the cells of the inmates at Contrition's Figure into the Mesh city for some reason. While speaking with Tender, it requested that she take it with her; when she accidentally allowed it to do so, it seemed pleased.

It seems able to use the emotions of people in some way.

Notes Edit

  1. Chthonic or chthonian is a word derived from the Greek khthon (earth) and means 'relating to the underworld; from beneath the earth'.
  2. This is not the first time clouds have been linked with an ability to manipulate digital environments in Friends at the Table. See the COUNTER/weight wiki on Strati, and especially the opening narration of Episode 26's references to 'manmade clouds' and the 'stratosphere'. Potential COUNTER/weight spoilers at link.

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