The By-and-By is a city-ship in the Divine Fleet associated with the Divine Anticipation.

Description Edit

Inside the city ship it looks like huge hotels in which you can see the lobby, with balconies for your hotel rooms. There are entire city sections in each balcony. Homes and shops are small, hotel-like rooms and intimacy is greatly appreciated. The grand open spaces on the outside of the ship are inspired by a piece by an artist named SPARTH , where there is a futuristic, floating city with floating gardens.

There is a religious sect on the By-and-By that considers going to every level of the ship an act of penance. The act of moving in between places is something that is considered holy. By experiencing anticipation you're looking forward to something. When you think about something you want or need, when you take a trip to get something you hope for: this act is something, at least in part, holy.

Fashion on the By-and-By has a focus on different items or elements of outfits being from parts of the city. This often means clashing patterns, and heavy use of layering. This is partly a marketing scheme: people get cards in which they get stamped for visiting different layers. The more layers one has, the more fashionable they are. Having pieces from three layers is considered fashionable; to have five approaches haute couture.

During this period of instability the By-and-By is focused on full unity between the fleet in order to make informed decisions. Of course, they believe that they are the best suited to making informed decisions. They favor the Tides and the Ever Forward, while Memorious is least favored.

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