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As the station of Privign comes under assault, the Beloved Dust rush to respond. Tender Sky and Signet speak with the leader of the temple to determine a plan of action that will save the lives of those on board. Elsewhere, Fourteen Fifteen makes a startling discovery. And over it all a strange light* is cast.

Life is precious. We found out, we found out.

This week on Twilight Mirage: Bits Left Behind.

The Living Library of Memorious //\\ΛO˥∩WƎ IƆONOƆ˥∀S┴S
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with Jelena, but she’d gone off to bed by then. It was late, after all, and she’d already spent a full day’s time poring over what we’d found in the special archive: the strange light. We’d run analysis for wavelength, for temperature, for shape. Nothing. I knew I’d spent the whole night working on it because I could feel the ship’s blocks moving into their new design, so I collected my things in the small satchel that my aunt had given to me then as a birthday gift, and prepared to leave. But just as I prepared to leave, I looked back at it one more time, admiring its shifting colors. But the colors did not admire me. The Sun pales, reader, to its brightness. And we are dimmer stilllllll111111111000000000000, 000, 000, 000, 255, 255, 255, 086, 073, #53494f#4e2049#532056#454c4f#434954#592049#532056#4f4c55#4d4520#495320#564543#544f52#204953#205641#53544e#455353#204953#205649#43544f#525920#564f4c#495449#4f4e2e

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[Primary] Dispatch 172.

Satellite, it's not that I don't think that intervention is ever necessary. It's just. We are allowed one type of intervention. And that type is not a solution, it's proof that everyone in this fleet has failed. And an assurance that no one else will ever do the same.

We're here for one reason, Satellite: to make sure that Independence and whatever the hell the Iconoclasts are working on don't become Annihilation-Class objects. And we're here to assure that, no matter the cost to them, or to us.

It is romantic, in every sense possible, to think of us as just a couple of do-gooders on the edge of the Principality's border. A couple of gals on the frontier, keeping the world right-side up. But we are more than that, and less, too.

I love you, Satellite. I love us. But we are a loaded gun. And the second that you start thinking that a loaded gun is romantic is the second you stop being like us and start being like them.

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