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The crew from the ship Myriad continue to explore the planet Quire. Grand Magnificent (Arthur Martinez-Tebbel) explains the strange experience that he had in the canyon, but Echo Reverie (Andi Clare) is less interested in chasing shadows than in leading them towards their destination: A church* on the north side of the plateau. Gig Kep-hart (Keith J. Carberry) meets a new friend, and in the face of danger, Even Gardner (Andrew Lee Swan) offers his expert guidance. 
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The Remaining Records of Curiosity // Reference Code: R-Qu75-35-RC1228 

Remnant Church #1228

A pneumatic hum. A tower, hollow. A bell, cracked, laying on the ground. Thick wooden slats bolted together to act as doors. Above, a sunk relief of a globe, not inscribed by any known means.

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[Satellite] Report 87

You ever think about time, Primary? About how fast things can change?

The Divine Fleet started nearly 30,000 years ago, can you imagine? 30,000 years, real years, not like where we're from. All those lives, back to back to back, connected by a taut string of continuity. From the first who studied under Kamala Cadence, to those who walk the seraphic shores of Séance today, all of them, countless beings who never breathed the same air but who each equally belongs to the same thing, to that fleet.

And then, less than a millennia ago, a handful of those people left, and today their descendants—Quire hangs right in the middle of the Twilight Mirage, but most of the people on the planet, they don't even know what a Divine is. Not really. But does that mean that they aren't part of that continuity? A few hundred years, and then that line is just… snapped?

I don't know, Primary. It's just—you think you know where you're from. You know who raised you. You remember your teachers. I can't forget my first deployment. But there's a larger story. We're all connected to things we don't know, that we could never know. But in my mind, those things count too. Whether we want them to or not.

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