Belgard is a Divine of the Divine Fleet. Its ship is Thyrsus. Its death, some 250 years before present, began the most recent wave of Divine deaths.

Appearance Edit

The Divine is sleek and almost person-like, like a human pupa or chrysalis, without arms or legs. Loose layers and components, like collapsible shields, are affixed around the 'hip' and 'shoulder' areas. Its face has dips where features might be but is otherwise featureless. When it is still, its joints, seams, and moving parts are difficult to discern.

Belgard has striking coloration, including black and contrasts of bright colors: like a butterfly's wings but more dull and deliberate looking.

Belgard can shift into a more active form, her pupal covering breaking into floating shield panels, which form into free-floating pieces of butterfly wings. Beneath she has a massive mechanical female form, like a "one of those really good lady Gundams."[1]

History Edit

Belgard is from the class of Divines made by other Divines, hence why their name refers to an action rather than a virtue; Belgard is an archaic term for a loving look to give to someone.

Belgard provided high material efficiency and effective reworking of what exists. It could recycle materials one-for-one in order to rework them into something that is more-or-less what it used to be. It could also attach to objects to either mend or harm something. They were heavily shielded (using a combination of physical and energy shielding) and could wrap their shield panels around other small- to mid-sized ships or Divines.

Belgard was lost when they were abandoned by their Excerpt, ⸢Signet⸣, during a battle. It prioritized mending other ships over itself, and eventually succumbed to its own wounds. Despite the loss of Belgard, the fleet has access to its intricate shielding mechanisms.

References Edit

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