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In the colored shadows of Sculpture City, the Divine Fleet’s reconnaissance team finds itself more and more entangled in the intrigues of Quire’s most powerful nation: The Crown of Glass. In the northern swamplands* Gig Kephart confronts a deadly foe, Even Gardner finds himself in an unexpected alliance. Elsewhere, Grand Magnificent puts the finishing touches on his most ambitious work yet, and Echo Reverie tries out a finishing maneuver of their own.

Think we were better off solo...

This week on Friends at the Table: An Approximation of a Connection

The Remaining Records of Curiosity // Reference Code: P-Qu75-25-SL
Plash and murmur. A dense clay, its shape lost. Battling caws from birds nearby. The indentation of footprints. Mushrooms, insects, and a small mammal, unwilling to eat what is here. A beating heart.

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[Satellite] Report 141.

Primary, the data looked solid on my side too, but I haven't seen anything on the charts since those four ships broke into atmo. Signatures look like Castlerose, maybe? Hired guns, for sure.

Hey, um. Tell me the truth. Have you ever had to... y'know, k-kill someone? [sigh] I only ask because--

Mission-critical activity detected. Launching synchronization protocol. Loading internal history, quantum scale. Linking with K-upside switchboard. Connection with Crystal Palace established. Ready dovetail synopsis. Quantizing data. Locked. Harmonize.

Synopsis: 40233 years ago. Initial analysis reveals native population entering early space age. Worldwide struggles against Being planet, Qui err vi na-em, or "the Soil without Memory." Status green: no interference required.

26622 years ago. The first visitor. Sensor tracked unregistered Apostolosian vessel, the Holiday Gambit, passing through Quire space. Probable smuggler. Impact registered. Unknown cargo likely the cause of Quire's "Glassed Age," a period of great stability and growth. Status yellow: observation infrastructure installed, inactive.

11895 years ago. Annihilation-Class object detected on collision course from Galactic Core, en route toward nearby Benthos system. Observation infrastructure moved, status black: intervention ready.

11112 years ago. The second visitor. Unforeseen anomaly shifts Annihilation-Class object's trajectory. Intercession failed. Annihilation-Class object continues en route to--Anomaly.







[Primary] Gray route proxy connection established.
Satellite. I'm right here.

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