Acre Seven is a member of the Beloved Ivy. She seems to enjoy creeping people out.[1]

Acre Seven was recovered from the planet Acre. Potency died trying to evacuate Acre after mistakenly putting it in the line of a nova (its own sun) while the Divine was terraforming the planet.[2]

Appearance Edit

Acre Seven appears like a perfectly looping gif when still. When moving, she seems to stutter: steps forward, rewinds and steps forward again, or sometimes fast-forwards.

She wears a long, solid color dress; its color changes in unpredictable ways when you’re not looking directly at it.[2]

Additionally, Acre Seven is capable of taking on the appearance of various different people; in doing so, she "becomes" that person, tying her identity to them in a way that's deeper than appearance, as she has done with the woman who is her primary form.

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