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As if driven by the spirit of the late divine Curiosity, the Myriad crew scour Sculpture City (and its surrounding environment) for answers. Echo Reverie and Even Gardner try to unravel the political intrigues that put the Doyenne (and her most honorable servant, Saint Glass) in the crosshairs. And while Gig Kephart takes on the macro mystery—the history of the planet Quire itself—the artist called Grand Magnificent turns inwards instead, towards what the very core of what it means to be a human.*

We’ll run to the future, shining like diamonds...

This week on Friends at the Table: A Life and A History

The Remaining Records of Curiosity // Reference Code: B-MW-SA/PA-GBSS-SAGE
A raising voice. A hand on neck. A kaleidoscope of variation: Seemingly endless colors, shapes, arrangements; yet limited. Erratic, but predictable. Unsure, but committed. A sigh. A kiss.

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[Satellite] Report 140.

When does something become history, Primary? Like, how long until whatever it is we do here starts being the sort of thing that future agents refer to with a sort of romantic distance? How long before another Primary halfway across the arm is telling another Satellite about us, about whatever it is we wind up doing here? That is, if we do anything here. If we do anything.

It's, it's a lot to think about, Primary. My predecessor filed 286059 reports. That's 783 years, 264 days, I don't know how many hours. That isn't even that long for satellite observers like me.

Demani, Primary, whatever happens here, please know how important you are to me. Please know that way before anyone else thinks about what we do as history, way before anyone else is talking about us, I already think of you as--Pause recording. Begin substitute for past 21.991 seconds. Start.

But don't worry about that, Primary. Let's both just keep doing our best.

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